The translation work was completed by hantmac. Thanks very much.


Introduce the Nightingale community, our team members and contact information.


Make a simple and intuitive display of Nightingale, explain the similarities and differences with Open-Falcon, explain its architecture and future development.


Introduce several installation methods of Nightingale: Quick experience using Didi cloud image, source code compilation and installation, distributed installation in production environment


Most of the functions are easy to understand through the introduction of the page, here is just a part of the functions that are not easy to get started. If there is something you do n’t understand, you can inform us, and we continue to improve the document


We sorted out commonly used plugins in the community, especially some plugins in the Open-Falcon community that are out of repair. We guarantee that every plugin is usable and reliable.


This section will explain some operation and maintenance.


This section will introduce the APIs provided by Nightingale. You can use these APIs for secondary development and integration with internal systems. All operations on the page have corresponding APIs.


This section will explain some problems that may be encountered during use


Some video tutorials, alarm sending components, etc. displayed in various chapters

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