Introduce the Nightingale community, our team members and contact information.

Welcome Nightingale

Nightingale is a set of Internet monitoring solutions derived from Open-Falcon. It incorporates Didi’s best engineering practices. We have made a lot of improvements and optimizations, and the product is no longer compatible with Open-Falcon smoothly,so we separated this project.

The first line of code of Open-Falcon was written in 2014. Over the past few years, there are more than 200 commercial companies using it in production. We are also gradually optimizing it. Nightingale is a very subversive version, have been made substantial improvements in performance, ease of use, usability, and Didi has resisted 770 million monitoring indicators (including physical machines, virtual machines, containers, networks, and business modules). This is a new journey, and I look forward to working with developers to make the best of monitor area.

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The team of Nightingale

Team members:ulricqin 710leo jsers hujter n4mine heli567,Thank you for your efforts.

Contact us


Help and communication

Add the WeChat of Didiyun ’s assistant, and the assistant will pull into the assistance group.


Business support

For the operation and maintenance system platform, we have a full set of commercial solutions, and the commercial version of the monitoring system will be more powerful. If your company needs support from a professional team, please contact :-)

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