Most of the functions are easy to understand through the introduction of the page, here is just a part of the functions that are not easy to get started. If there is something you do n’t understand, you can inform us, and we continue to improve the document

We recorded a small video for quick start, it is recommended to take a look first:

Alarm shield

In addition to shielding the machine, the alarm shield can also do more fine-grained shielding strategies. For example, you can specify monitoring indicators and a certain label.

Monitoring indicators

Here is a brief introduction to the data structure describing the monitoring indicators. Nightingale and Open-Falcon are compatible

Monitoring strategy

Because Nightingale has a built-in machine grouping mechanism such as service tree, compared with Open-Falcon, the alert flexibility is a great improvement

Port monitoring

Port monitoring In Nightingale, you can specify which ports to collect by configuring specific collection strategies, and also support reading the target machine identification file

Process monitoring

Process monitoring in Nightingale by configuring specific collection strategies to specify which processes to collect, and also supports reading the target machine identification file

Log monitoring

Compared with Open-Falcon, Nightingale has built-in log monitoring. You can place the log collection strategy file on the target machine, or you can configure the log collection strategy on the page

Plugin mechanism

Nightingale can designate a certain directory as a plug-in directory, read the files in this directory that conform to a specific format, and execute it as a plug-in, thereby expanding the collector’s ability

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