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A Distributed and High-Performance Monitoring System

Nightingale is a fork of Open-Falcon, and all the core modules have been greatly optimized.

Nightingale is the next generation of Open-Falcon.


Scalable monitoring system is necessary to support rapid business growth. Each module of Nightingale is super easy to scale horizontally.


With RRA(Round Robin Archive) mechanism and memory TSDB, the one-year history data of 100+ metrics could be returned in just one second.

High Availability

No critical single point of failure, easy to operate and deploy. The system will not be affected if any machine is hung up.


Nightingale collector is compatible with falcon-agent. Plugin mechanism and log collector are built-in.


Integrated with object tree, Nightingale supports strategy inheritance, multiple alerting method, and callback for recovery.

Easy Deployment

All modules have been rewritten in go, which reduces the number of modules and greatly reduces the difficulty of deployment.