Introduce several installation methods of Nightingale: Quick experience using Didi cloud image, source code compilation and installation, distributed installation in production environment

Quick experience with Didi cloud mirroring

This is the fastest way. We made the Nightingale a Didi cloud OS image. We can directly create a virtual machine based on this image, and the whole process will be done in 5 minutes. When creating a virtual machine, you can choose to pay by volume, which is very cheap.

Distributed installation in production environment

This section mainly introduces how to install distributed modules, which is suitable for formal production environment. Service stability is very important, so a monitoring system that can detect problems in time is very important. It is necessary to use several more machines to improve disaster tolerance.

Compile and install through source code

If you are familiar with golang and understand the basic source code compilation knowledge, you can compile and install in this way.All back-end components of Nightingale are written in golang and no longer have python modules.

Install via rpm package

Use rpm package to install n9e components